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Union County Mosquito Control Thermo Fogging – August 18, 2016

Union County Mosquito Control will be conducting a thermo fogging operation of the area surrounding Bernadette Court, Brown Avenue, and Weber Avenue on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at approximately 9:00 A.M. The thermo fog will consist of a white cloud and a strong odor. A representative from either the Springfield Fire or Police Departments has been requested by the UCMC to observe the operation.

The County suggests that residents turn off air conditioning units and close windows for the short period of time during fogging.  They advise avoiding outdoor activity and bringing pets (along with water/food dishes) indoors during fogging.  Any garden vegetables would be wise to wash before eating.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact their office at 908-654-9834/9835.

For more information about thermal fogging, check out this blog post on the Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension website:
More information is also available on the InsectCop.net website:

Union County Mosquito Spraying – August 11, 2016

Union County Mosquito Control will be spraying for Adult Mosquitoes tonight, August 11, 2016 between the hours of 7:00 P.M. and 12:00 A.M. (Weather Permitting). If you have any questions or concerns please contact their office at 908-654-9834/9835.

Clark – conger Way Area, King St., Bartell Pl., Fairview Rd.
Cranford – Oak La., Edgewood Rd., Glenwood Rd., Hillcrest Av., County Park Dr., Blake Av., Thomas St., Severin Ct., Hillside Av., Crane Pkwy.
Elizabeth – Clarkson Av., Floral Av. Area,
Hillside – Harvard Av., Cornell Pl., John St., Lehigh Av. Area, Westminster Area, Hillside Av. Area
Kenilworth – Richfield Av., N.12th St. Area, Columbus Av., Locust Dr. Area, Dorset Dr. Area, Water Co. Road
Linden – Tremley Pt. Area, Bradford Av., Lexington Av., Marion Av., Furber Av. Area, Berlant Av. Area,
New Providence – Frost Av. Area
Plainfield – Terrill Rd., Cushing Rd., Knollwood Ct.
Rahway – Leesville Av. Area, Hemlock St. Area, Elm Av and Jefferson Av. Area, Elizabeth Av., Scott Av., Donald Av. Area Whittier St. 2200 Block of St. Geo Av.
Roselle – Raritan Rd. (Condo’s), Pine St., Chestnut St. (Fire House Area), Heard Church, Retention Basin, Columbus Av., 8th Av. (300 Block)
Roselle Park – Walking trail between Chestnut St. and Galloping Hill Rd., E. Colfax Av.
Scotch Plains – Frank St., Willow Av.,
Springfield – Marion Av., Bernadette Ct., Evergreen Av., Brook La., Leslie Ct., Commerce St., Brown Av., Weber Av., High Point Dr.
Summit – Recycling Center
Westfield – Cacciola Pl., Livingston St., Windsor Av., Park Dr., N. Euclid Av., Mountain Av.
Winfield – Union County Pkwy.

Town Parks – Lexington, Memorial – Linden, Dimario – Kenilworth, Weber – Union, Mindowaskin – Westfield
County Parks – Echo Lake, Oak Ridge

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