Springfield Community Pool

I am interested in public feedback about the Springfield Community Pool. To take the survey, please click here (http://zszs.us/SCPsvy).

Since 2009, I have been working on presenting improvements to our Community Pool Complex.  In 2015, the project took a significant step forward with the drafting of sketches for two separate proposals – 1) a renovation of the existing pool building and 2) an entirely new pool building.  The draft architectural plans and cost estimates are below.  The municipal pool is a utility – this means it is separate from the town budget and does not impact municipal taxes.  As a utility, the operating expenses are required to be funded by the revenue (i.e. the fees charged by the pool).  Fortunately, the utility has been generating a profit annually mainly due to restructured fees and programming.  However, the complex has required hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for repair work, preventative maintenance and compliance upgrades.

In 2015, the Township Committee unanimously agreed to proceed with Option 2 (an entirely new pool building) which would be a single-story building of approximately 6,263 square feet.  This would include a meeting room that would be used by the camps and can be rented for parties, new locker rooms and bathrooms, and  more family friendly features.  Also included in the proposal are plans to build a “splash pool” area.  In 2016, the Township Committee will consider adoption of a Capital Bond Ordinance to advance the project.  At the next public Township Committee meeting on Monday, July 18th at 7 p.m. in Town Hall, we are expecting to hear from professionals who have worked on drafting these options for us to consider. As with all meetings, the public is invited to attend.  If approved, the bulk of the project will be worked on in the off-season and can hopefully be ready by Summer 2017.

The two draft plans and cost estimates are included below.  Can’t see the draft architectural plans below? Click here to download the draft architectural plans.

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