Downtown Springfield

For decades, the downtown has been a blemish on Springfield and an issue that was not adequately addressed. In 2010, Mayor Ziad Andrew Shehady and Committeeman Jerry Fernandez proposed the creation of a Business Improvement District that would form a public-private partnership with commercial property owners, businesses, resident and Township officials. This designation has been used successfully around the state and in nearby communities to revitalize business districts. Mayor Ziad Andrew Shehady, Committeeman Jerry Fernandez and Committeeman Marc Krauss voted to begin the formation of the Springfield Business Improvement District on August 10, 2010 with Resolution 2010-154.

The Business Improvement District focuses on several short-term and long-term facets: visual improvement, maintenance, public space streetscapes, promotions, marketing, liaising with the Township Committee and planning. Thus far, all of their initiatives have been successful and have improved business in Springfield.

5 Updates to Downtown Springfield

  • Two years later, the Business Improvement District forged a relationship with stakeholders and raised funds to take the lead on redevelopment. Government cannot force redevelopment unilaterally. Now we have buy-in from property owners and businesses demonstrating a real commitment to the future of Springfield. This organization of property owners, businesses owners, residents and Township officials is determined to revitalizing the downtown once and for all. Instead of lifeless plans sitting on a shelf, the group is dedicating time and money to real change. At our February 28, 2012 meeting, the Township Committee voted to approve the Springfield Community Partnership 2012 Budget in the amount of $400,961.90. This is money coming directly from commercial properties (not residential taxes) to improve downtown Springfield.

  • On September 24, 2012, representatives of the Springfield Business Improvement District met with Township officials to begin work on downtown redevelopment projects. BID Chairman Mike Scalera signed a Redevelopment Counsel Services Agreement after the Board of Directors unanimously voted to retain McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC. of Roseland, New Jersey. Click Here For More Information

  • At the October 9, 2012 Township Committee meeting, we held a meeting on efforts to redevelop and revitalize the downtown. We received an update from the Springfield Business Improvement District and heard from Redevelopment Planners, PS&S, and Redevelopment Counsel, Joseph Baumann, of McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC.

    PS&S prepared a Concept Footprint Plan to obtain a greenlight and endorsement from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for a realistic and approvable plan that will satisfy environmental regulations and assist potential developers so that they are not obstructed by costly and prohibitive redtape as a result of the barriers posed by the floodway.

    Draft Conceptual Footprint Plan prepared by PS&S

    A video rendered by PS&S to illustrate the Downtown Redevelopment Concept Footprint Plan through an aerial view was shown at the October 9, 2012 Township Committee meeting.

  • In 2012, the Springfield Business Improvement District embarked on a process to better understand the local market, demographics, and study the immediate and surrounding business climate because of the impact these factors would have on redevelopment. JGSC Group was retained to perform a “Community Insights” Market Analysis and Retail Assessment. The report was released on February 2013. It can be viewed below or by clicking here.

  • At the Springfield Business Improvement District monthly meeting held August 16, 2016, the Board provided an update on the Mountain Avenue Streetscaping Project. Through the BID, the member property owners are launching a project to improve the streetscape along Mountain Avenue in two business areas – in the area surrounding the intersection with Henshaw Avenue and the area between Kipling Avenue and Remer Avenue. With the funding secured without residential taxpayer dollars, a bid was awarded and a pre-construction meeting was held. The project is expected to break ground the week of August 22, 2016 and will last between 4 and 6 weeks. The project entails new sidewalks, decorative pavers, lighting, waste receptacles, planters and landscaping. Such improvements will emphasize and highlight the business community on Mountain Avenue and tied in the businesses together with a common aesthetic theme. The improvements will also encourage a more pedestrian-friendly business district.

    Concept Rendering for the two areas can be seen below or by clicking here.

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