2016 PGA Championship at Baltusrol Golf Club



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As you know, the 2016 PGA Championship will be hosted in Springfield at the Baltusrol Golf Club from Monday, July 25 through Sunday, July 31. The PGA Championship is one of professional golf’s four annual Majors. Our community has been selected as the host city for this event that will be televised in over 200 countries around the world. As long-time residents know, this is not new to Springfield as we last hosted a Championship in 2005.

With golf fans traveling to Baltusrol, the event is bound to cause some disruption to our community. This event presents opportunities and challenges with many logistical, operational, safety and security considerations and planning. This event brings thousands of visitors from around the world. The PGA, Baltusrol, the Township, State Police, Office of Homeland Security, and County have met countless times to plan and mitigate inconveniences and disruptions as much as possible while balancing safety and security precautions. This letter is intended to clarify some confusion, address some questions residents have been asking, dispel rumors circulating on unofficial forums, and provide factual information regarding local road traffic management.

Baltusrol Golf Club and the PGA are private entities who have made a decision to host the Championship in Springfield, New Jersey. While some residents may not be pleased with the impact to their daily routines for a week, we recognize the significance of such an event and the attention that it brings to our township. Baltusrol is also the largest taxpayer that has historically been a neighbor willing to cooperate and contribute to the township in many benevolent ways. Therefore, in many meetings and negotiations leading up to the event, we have balanced what we believe to be a fair response in accommodating their needs while attempting to mitigate the impact to the residential community as much as possible. Baltusrol and the PGA have paid and will pay the Township for all expenses that arise, including the costs for Building Department permits, inspectors, Police and Fire Department staffing, and usage of Township property. This is not a profit-making opportunity for Springfield nor do we suffer a budgetary impact for supporting this event.

Additionally, while they are not obligated to do so, Baltusrol and the PGA are providing complimentary tickets at their discretion to residents that they determine are most affected. Despite any rumors, we have NOT received any tickets to distribute as that is being handled directly by the PGA and Baltusrol. Beginning June 9th, Baltusrol and the PGA are mailing notification letters to those residents they have identified to inform them of the ticket distribution plan. Those residents who are receiving tickets will know who they are because they will receive instructions directly from Baltusrol and the PGA about how to redeem them. They have not provided the Township with a list of those residents.

Finally, the 2016 PGA Championship Transportation Sub-committee, with input from State, County, and Local law enforcement professionals, along with NJ DOT traffic specialists, has produced a comprehensive traffic plan that includes road closures, detours, and parking restrictions to be utilized during the upcoming PGA event.
This plan was established to ensure the safe and efficient ingress and egress of attendees, volunteers, officials, and players, while minimizing the impact as much as possible for area residents.

At this time, the public should be aware of the following full road closures planned for the event:
• Shunpike Road (for the duration of the event)
• Hillside Avenue, from Mountain Avenue to Irwin Street (during operational hours)
• Adams Terrace (during operational hours)

The following roads will be heavily utilized by shuttle buses, authorized vehicles and directed traffic:
Shunpike Road, Baltusrol Way, Stonehill Road, Hillside Avenue, Irwin Street, Adams Terrace, Temple Drive

The following areas will be closed except for local traffic and will have on-street parking restrictions:
Briar Hills Circle, Wentz Avenue, Gregory Road, Ronald Terrace, Jefferson Terrace, Madison Terrace, Edgewood Avenue, Remer Avenue, Mapes Avenue, Kipling Avenue, Irwin Street, Adams Terrace, Sherwood Road, Ashwood Road

Irwin Park will serve as the only general public gate. The entrances on Shunpike Road are restricted for other uses. Spectators who travel to the Championship by train to Summit and by car to the designated parking lot at Oak Ridge Park in Clark will be dropped off by shuttles at Irwin Park. From there, they will enter the Baltusrol grounds on a path that cuts through the woods, and they will exit the same way. The shuttle bus routes will encompass several streets in the Irwin Park vicinity off of Mountain Avenue (specifically Kipling Avenue, Irwin Street, Adams Terrace, Wentz Avenue and Edgewood Avenue). ADA Parking has been designated at Temple Beth Ahm. CBS Media will be accessing the golf course from Ashwood Road. A separate agreement between the PGA and Springfield Public Schools includes the use of parking lots at Jonathan Dayton High School, and Walton and Sandmeier Schools for media. Traffic posts around the town will be manned by multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Springfield Police Department. Please note that the first of the week consists of practice rounds and the latter portion is the actual championship, therefore, traffic is expected to increase as the week progresses. Additional travel and parking restrictions in areas around the event may be announced in the near future in response to issues that may arise. Announcements will be provided on the Township website at www.springfield-nj.us by clicking on the link that reads “2016 PGA Championship Information). Residents are reminded that many rumors are circulating on unofficial forums and social media. For accurate information, contact Town Hall to get the facts. More information (access, tickets, operational hours, transportation, etc.) is available on the official PGA website at http://www.pga.com/pgachampionship

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I live on Anytown Street and it says my road will be closed. Can I travel in and out to leave and come home?
A: Yes, residents will have access to their homes and streets.

Q: I live on Anytown Street and it says parking is prohibited. Can I park on my street?
A: Parking restrictions will apply to everyone for safety and security reasons.

Q: I live on Anytown Street and I’m very close to the golf course. How do I get my free tickets?
A: Baltusrol and PGA are determining, at their discretion and with no obligation, who will receive free tickets. If they determine your property is most impacted, they will send a letter to you with instructions. If your neighbors received a letter and you did not but think there was a mistake, the contact information is included on your neighbor’s letter. Baltusrol and the PGA will only mail tickets to those individuals who have reserved tickets by following the included instructions. The Township is not involved with the distribution of tickets and has not received any to provide to residents.

Q: Can I sell parking on my property?
A: There are no restrictions on renting parking in your private driveway. However, doing so is at your own risk and presents a liability. The Township does not encourage, recommend or condone this activity. Additionally, there may be implications with your private homeowners insurance. Parking is prohibited on lawns and will be enforced. This presents a safety concern for pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Please keep in mind this is also unsightly and we will have many eyes on Springfield. Additionally, providing parking in your driveway encourages more traffic in the neighborhood. Baltusrol and the PGA have designated parking lots for spectators and are encouraging the use of shuttles to minimize traffic congestion. Opening up more parking opportunities will further add to the congestion on local streets.

The Traffic Control Plan for July 25 through July 31 has been released by the County which was produced in collaboration with multiple law enforcement and public safety agencies. This is a graphical representation of the closures and detours already outlined in the bulletin above.

Community - PGA Championship Traffic Control Plan 2016


As you know, the 2016 PGA Championship will be hosted in Springfield at the Baltusrol Golf Club from Monday, July 25 through Sunday, July 31.  There will be numerous road closures and traffic detours around the township.  Additionally, Baltusrol Golf Club and the PGA Championship have designated Irwin Park as the only general public gate.  They have restricted the entrances on Shunpike Road for other purposes.  Spectators who wish to travel to the Championship will be shuttled from the Summit Train Station or from the PGA designated car parking lot at Oak Ridge Park in Clark.  Other options to reach the Irwin Park gate include bicycles, ride-sharing networks (e.g. Uber), or public transportation (e.g. NJTransit).  The PGA has designated parking for wheelchair-bound spectators and information for that is available by calling the Convention Store at (877) 472-7275.

The Township Committee understands this plan by the PGA may make it difficult for residents who wish to attend the Championship.  Therefore, the Township Committee authorized our part-time Jitney driver, Senior Citizen bus driver, and a licensed Public Works driver to work additional hours and to utilize the buses when not in use for their primary purpose in order to provide a free, resident-only shuttle bus for the Championship.

Due to scheduling needs and road closures/detours, the shuttle bus is limited in the number of stops it can make and the location of these stops.  The shuttle bus will make three trips around town:  one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.  This service will be available Monday, July 25 through Sunday, July 31.  There will be four pickup/dropoff locations in addition to the Irwin Park gate.  Residents will have to walk or get dropped off to these as public parking is not available.

Please understand the Township is not accustomed to providing such a service and it is being provided based on staffing and bus availability.  Normally the drivers are either part-time with other commitments or designated to other tasks.  Additionally, the buses are needed for paying Jitney customers for their morning and evening commutes to the Short Hills train station.  Therefore, this service is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis with no guarantees and may change based on unforeseen circumstances..  Finally, this shuttle service will be available to Springfield residents only with a valid government-issued identification that clearly indicates a Springfield address – absolutely no exceptions will be made, changes-of-address must be indicated on the identification, and non-resident guests will not be permitted to board.  (Children under 18 accompanied by a Springfield resident will not need to show proof of residency.)  We appreciate your understanding of our limitations and the effort to provide such a service for the residents.  If you are interested in this service, please register at http://shuttle.springfieldnj.us so that we can anticipate demand, send you notifications about service changes, interruptions, and live arrival/departure times.  If you are having trouble seeing the schedule below, click here.  If you are having trouble seeing the map below, click here.

If you are unable to view the Resident Shuttle Bulletin below, please click here to download the PDF.

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